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Cyber Security

We offer various cyber security services to organisations from evaluating security issues, assessing risk pinpoints, vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks and software programs. Our certified consultants have experience in the implementation of various security standards and compliance frameworks for example the ISO27001, ISO31000, PCI-DSS, NIST and COBIT.

Data Solutions

Data analytics and business reporting has become an essential need of every organisation. With our expertise, we work with you in setting up complete data management solutions, from data mining, warehousing, manipulation, analytics up to reporting. We are leaders in implementing data governance policies, procedures, and standards such as HIPAA, GDRP, PIPEDA, CCPA .etc.

Project Management

Thinking about an IT project but don't know how to go about it or bring the best minds to it? Worry no more as we there to help you in bringing your idea into real life. We assist organisations in project management from planning to commissioning stage. Whether Agile or Waterfall or Kanban our project management team have the expertise to make it a success.

IT Services

We provide IT services for organisations and we have a 24/7 dedicated support team ready to serve you. We offer the best IT services and solutions at a lower cost and you only pay on demand basis. We provide technical support, both hardware and software, network and server installations, cloud solutions, cyber security solutions implementation and all sorts of latest IT solutions.

Let us take care of all your IT needs!

Kenzema Systems provides various IT Solutions for businesses from Technical Project Management, Data Analytics and Reporting, Cyber security to IT Support Services.

No-matter how big or small your organisation is, we help you deliver the best IT services to keep up with the ever-changing technology environment. We cater for all types of organisations from SMEs to conglomerates.

We have qualified professionals who can provide the best services to your organisation who are available 24/7 dedicated in making your goal a success

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Our Services
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